Hire A Wedding Drone in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut

Add aerial photography to your wedding by hiring New Media Newport to provide a wedding drone.

Drone footage provides a unique perspective of your big day. Southern New England is home to beautiful venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Aerial drones provide a great way to record establishing shots and B-roll for your wedding video as well as to capture to take photos from an unusual vantage point.

My name is Tristan Pinnock and I am a FAA 107 licensed drone operator located in Rhode Island.

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Aerial Photography

“For me, an aerial picture is no different than a close-up portrait. It’s a question of framing and angle. “
-Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Once one can conceptualize the three-dimensional freedom of movement an aerial drone offers, the challenge we face as an operator is to find the great shots that capture the beauty of the moment in time and place.

Much as the job of a sculptor is to remove all the marble that isn’t the sculpture, drone photography and videography at a wedding is about seeing cinematic sequences that will accent the primary photography and then setting out to capture them, while avoiding everything that isn’t the shot.

Smooth Cinematography

Our philosophy when shooting an event is to provide as many smooth, slow orbits as possible. These look great and offer the video editor the greatest flexibility of which sequences they can use when integrating the drone footage into the wedding video.

We’ll take establishing shots of the venue and the surrounding area.

As candid “targets of opportunity” present themselves, we’ll also do our best to capture those as well.